Preventing Canine Cancer

Haley_SunsetCancer affects one out of three dogs (about the same as humans) and especially golden retrievers: 60% of them will die from it. Other breeds that are at the highest risk levels include boxer, Rottweiler and Bernese mountain dogs.

But why? Genetics, vaccines, environment, diet, topical flea medication, chemicals found in toys?

Is it possible to prevent canine cancer?

While research is being conducted that will hopefully give us answers, Rhonda Hovan, research facilitator for the Golden Retriever Club of America, says: “The good news is that we think there are a number of lifestyle choices that can reduce the cancer risk.”

  • Limit a dog’s exposure to secondhand smoke, pesticides and phenoxy herbicides, which have been linked to increased risks of some canine cancers.
  • Keep dogs lean and fit to lower risk for cancer, as well as bone, joint and other health problems.
  • Be vigilant about health during the first four months. “Many vets recommend following the ‘slow-grow’ plan, which calls for golden puppies to weigh just 9.5 pounds at eight weeks and 30 pounds at 20 weeks.
  • Give dogs a half cup of pureed cruciferous vegetables — cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage — approximately three times a week.

Read the full article here.

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