5 Perfect Ways to Champion a Cancer Caregiver

IMG_2258Sometimes it’s hard to know just what to do to help your friend or loved one as they care for their pup with cancer. And sometimes it’s hard to ask for help. Here are some easy, concrete ways you can lend your support.

  1. Run  errands. The little things like popping to the store or picking up dog treats can eat up precious time with pup. Even if you have 15 minutes in your day, it can make a big difference to your buddy.
  2. Pay a visit. Being with other people (and even their dogs) can alleviate stress for the caregiver. Knowing people want to see their pup is also quite nurturing and healing. I suspect it makes a positive difference to the patient, too.
  3. Go to appointments. It’s always smart to have a second set of eyes and ears at the vet. Even just being there, quietly bolstering the caregiver will work wonders.
  4. Share your story. If you’ve been a caregiver, share your experience. Let them know that you have been there, too. Focusing on someone else’s story can be a welcome change.
  5. Help with other pets. If there’s another dog in the house, offer to take her for a walk, feed or play with her. A break for the caregiver, the patient and the sibling! Everyone will recharge.

Other ideas? Please comment and share!

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