The Littlest TinySuperhero: Meet Benny


Benny, a French Bulldog with liver cancer has been honored as a TinySuperhero by a support group for kids with cancer and other serious illnesses. The organization’s founder was impressed with this little guy’s mom, Andrea, who is aggressively treating his lymphoma. Like Haley, he was saved by a conventional transfusion and several days in the emergency vet.

Well done, Benny!

Download the full article with canine cancer statistics and veterinary cancer resources in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas.

We have advanced treatment options for pets with cancer. These new treatments are resulting in a better quality of life and longer survival times.

Just because your pet is diagnosed with cancer, it does not necessarily mean a death sentence. Many dogs live happy, comfortable and quality lives with today’s treatment options.

— Dr. Michael Ontiveros, Estrella Veterinary Hospital, San Clemente

photo credit: Josh Morgan, Orange County Register

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