Sweet Wormwood: A Promising Dog Cancer Remedy


Despite its delicate appearance, sweet wormwood, or artemisinin, packs a powerful punch to cancer cells. In fact, a study has shown that it actually kills them while leaving normal cells unscathed.

The native of Eurasia and member of the daisy and sunflower family has been used in China to treat fevers for more than 2,000 years and also treats certain forms of malaria. Now it’s being used against cancer.

Dr. Henry Lai and his colleague, Dr. Narendra Singh, bioengineering researchers at the University of Washington, have verified its anti-cancer properties by testing it on human and animal cancer cells. They treated dogs of various breeds and sexes with different cancers such as lymphosarcoma, breast adenocarcinoma and osteosarcoma.

An article in Dogs Naturally magazine highlights this success story: “A dog with osteosarcoma so severe that it couldn’t walk across the room made a complete recovery within five days of receiving the treatment. X-rays showed the animal’s tumor ‘had basically disappeared.'”

Other results were generally positive: tumor sizes were reduced; there was no reoccurrence of cancer in five dogs operated on and given artemisinin.

The article continues with information on how to administer the herb to your pup.

How to give Artemisinin

Artemisinin has two derivatives: Artesunate, which has a relatively short half-life; and Artemether, which may be a more effective derivative, because it stays in the body longer. It also may be more effective than Artemisinin alone in brain cancers, because it penetrates the blood-brain barrier more readily.

Both compounds can be given orally. The source for the Artemisinin used in the Washington State University studies is Holley Pharmaceuticals.

Artemix may be a better choice as it contains artemisinin, artesunate and artemether. Artemix can be purchased from Wellcare.

Let your dog pet drink plenty of fresh water during therapy and provide plenty of pleasant, playful exercise, particularly after dinner for 2 to 3 hours. Inactive and old pets with poor health respond poorly to treatment. Iron supplements are NOT necessary. Avoid iron rich food, such as meat, 3 to 4 hours before the dose. It may be best to have your dog evaluated before and after his treatment (ultrasound, biopsy, X-rays and etc.) to see if the treatment is effective.

For additional information, you may want to check out the Artemisinin and Cancer group for pup parents who are using artemisinin to treat their dog’s cancer.

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