It’s the 14th: Check Your Pup for Cancer Today


On the 14th of each month, take a few minutes to examine your pup look for anything unusual that might mean cancer. The idea comes from Chase Away K9 Cancer, the division of the National Canine Cancer Foundation that funds canine cancer studies and cancer awareness efforts. (See my recent post about them here.) Early detection can make a difference by allowing you time for treatment.

Here’s their how-to:

  • Take 10 minutes on the 14th of each month to feel and look for lumps, bumps and swellings
  • Check your dog from head to toe, including the inside of their mouth
  • Follow-up with an exam by your vet if you find anything suspicious or worrisome
  • Keep a record of any growths so you can keep track of anything new
  • Watch for any unusual behavior or change in attitude
  • Download and print a flyer to pass along to your friends, family, vets or pet supply store

What do you think?

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