Rethinking Cancer: A Surprising DIY and Natural Menu, Part 1

goingtothemat-headline-640x237This series by guest author, Sherie Pollack, tells the story of how she successfully treated cancer in four different pets using an integrative approach. My Haley was helped tremendously by Sherie’s wisdom and experience, as Haley’s Plan shows. This is the first of three parts.

Paulie’s Menu: Beating the Odds of Cancer (damn it), Part 1

I’m stubborn.

And chances are, when it comes to your animals’ health, so are you. Right?

You’d stand there wide-eyed in shock if your vet says, “It’s cancer; I don’t give your pet much time.”Then, you would do anything to give them more (quality) time, yes?

Me, too.

I’m not a veterinarian, but 16 years ago, I became “one of those people” who dove into integrative treatment. I did not know any integrative veterinarians when I first created Paulie’s Menu, however there are numerous options available today. And through ongoing, dogged trial and error, I created a dietary regime that resulted in positive outcomes for dog and cat cancer again and again — tumors disappeared. Really. Gone, Nada, Zilch.

My intention is to share (in simple terms), everything I incorporated into the diet (specific supplements and foods) along with what I excluded from the diet.

Of course, there is no guarantee of a cure yet (using traditional and/or integrative methods), but I want to share what improved and prolonged the lives of multiple animals who thrived on Paulie’s Menu as (an immediate) springboard for their individual “healing journeys.”

If there is a chance, perhaps my experience could add quality years to a beloved pet you know.

Healing Philosophy: What to do Immediately After Diagnosis


Paulie, inspirational cancer survivor/thriver

Using diet and natural supplements (along with traditional medicines), a protocol was developed — one that transformed my kitchen into what looked like a (messy) meth lab, but resulted (again and again) in the disappearance of masses in dogs and cats.

My philosophy: immediately build the immune system so it can fight whatever should not be there — whether it’s cancer or toxic medicine (meant to destroy the cancer, but often destroys healthy tissue). The immune system builders in Paulie’s Menu only help and also allow the meds continue to do their job.

Whether a mass is benign or malignant, (in my opinion) tumors become malignant, so why not try to get rid of that growth (with a method that has no negative side effects)?

Every journey will be different and every integrative protocol will vary. But the common denominator will be blasting the body with immune system builders to keep the body strong to handle potential toxins that fight the disease.

Also, to keep inflammation down with diet — you know the drill: no grains, allergens, sugars, etc. That means no carrots, fruit, no sugars, no potatoes, no tapioca, no starch. Read the labels. Stop carbs.

Here’s to them and us — fighting the good fight.

About the Author

Sherie Pollack is a TV writer/director, who has directed over 100 Cartoons. She is also an animal lover, who has created Paulie’s Menu, a treatment plan that has resulted in the (repeated) disappearance of cats’ and dogs’ tumors.

The Series

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