Rethinking Cancer: A Surprising DIY and Natural Menu, Part 2


This series by guest author, Sherie Pollack, tells the story of how she successfully treated cancer in four different pets using an integrative approach. My Haley was helped tremendously by Sherie’s wisdom and experience, as Haley’s Plan shows. This is the second of three parts.

Paulie’s Menu: Beating the Odds of Cancer (damn it), Part 2

simone-faceSaving Simone

In 1997, Simone, my 11-year-old cat with lymphatic sarcoma was dying after one course of chemotherapy. My kind vet said, “Take her home, we tried. She’ll go on the weekend.” Unbeknownst to me, I began creating Paulie’s Menu, and she lived 8 more years cancer-free.

Simone was near death, limp from chemo treatment. With her draped across my lap, I Googled and found Wysong Call of the Wild (powdered supplement to make the raw diet complete) for cats and dogs. I quickly bought this product locally (also available online) and she began to eat this powdered supplement (mixed with tablespoon of water). After two weeks, she was able to stand and her appetite returned.

I sprinkled the powder on a raw food diet (lamb and duck; no chicken since it’s an allergen) for about two months until she gained adequate weight and was healthy and strong again. I added 1 colostrum capsule, probiotics powder and organic pumpkin (if you can’t find organic, any canned pumpkin will do; it’s a low-pesticide product).

Simone thrived on this diet 8 more years — no cancer re-occurrence.

This was the beginning of Paulie’s Menu.

paulie-facePaulie, My Inspiration

Paulie, my 10-year-old Bernese mountain dog, had enormous masses on his liver and pancreas. After two years on Paulie’s Menu (incorporating new ingredients), his masses were gone. Gone. He thrived 4½ more years, cancer-free.

Paulie’s blood work showed alarmingly elevated liver enzymes (“ A very bad sign.”). He had a heart murmur and anesthetic was not recommended.

I immediately put him on Paulie’s Menu (all supplements) and added the Advanced Immune Protocol Kit by Vitality Science, a combo of holistic serum and powder (herbs and Omega-3 oils), twice a day, mixed into his food. (I recommend contacting Stephen Becker, the company’s owner; he is helpful and knowledgeable. He has natural supplements for a variety of ailments.)

And further research revealed The Budwig Diet, a holistic treatment for cancer. (Google and read all about it!) It is a mixture of organic cottage cheese and flax seed oil. This cream would be a snack for Paulie — he loved it. (I gave it to the cats, too.) Paulie no longer wanted The Budwig Diet (interestingly enough) after the tumors had disappeared.

We switched to no-grain diet and stopped all dry food. I added a can of unsalted, water-packed sardines and 1 capsule of wild-caught salmon oil daily.

Paulie thrived and two years later, the tumors were gone. Vet couldn’t believe it.

I continued Paulie’s Menu for all my pets as a preventative.

A note about traditional veterinary medication: I worked with my vets closely and asked for specific information regarding side effects of any medication. Since Paulie’s organs indicated masses, I avoided Rimadyl for his arthritis because that would affect his compromised organs. I found a wonderful natural supplement called FlexPet that helped his joints beautifully; he was able to walk again and experienced much less pain — with no side effects.

Sadly, at nearly 15, Paulie passed of a sudden stroke on October 22, 2013. He left us with the memories of pure love, and lessons of health and thriving.

chelsea-faceChelsea the Cat: Disappearing Tumor

Chelsea, a 10-year-old cat had a huge abdominal mass. It was gone after one year on Paulie’s Menu. A check-up indicated a large abdominal mass. I decided against the raw diet (she had abdominal issues) and used grain-free canned organic duck. I used same Paulie’s Menu supplements and The Budwig Diet. I gave her several tablespoons of the “cream” a day in between meals. Wysong Call of the Wild was sprinkled on the meals (not in The Budwig Diet cream). After a year, her tumor had disappeared — x-rays and ultrasound showed it to be gone.

friday-faceFriday Feels Fine (Now)

Friday, a 13-year-old bichon/poodle had a brain tumor and mass on his mouth. The brain tumor was removed through surgery. He is thriving today, using prescribed meds and Paulie’s Menu. When his owner ran out the Advanced Immune Protocol Kit on Paulie’s Menu, the oral mass grew back. She has since resumed the supplement and the mass has shrunk significantly.

Seems like a lot of work? Perhaps. Changing things up at the beginning was just that: a change. But the routine became just that, routine. Easy. Eventually I organized the “meth lab” into nice containers, the refrigerator shelf also housed pretty containers — all worth it.

I hope this information is useful and should your pet receive an unthinkable diagnosis, perhaps Paulie’s Menu can start you on the road to wellness.

About the Author

Sherie Pollack is a TV writer/director, who has directed over 100 Cartoons. She is also an animal lover, who has created Paulie’s Menu, a treatment plan that has resulted in the (repeated) disappearance of cats’ and dogs’ tumors.

The Series

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