Rethinking Cancer: A Surprising DIY and Natural Menu, Part 3


This series by guest author, Sherie Pollack, tells the story of how she successfully treated cancer in four different pets using an integrative approach. My Haley was helped tremendously by Sherie’s wisdom and experience, as Haley’s Plan shows. This is the third of three parts.

Paulie’s Menu: Beating the Odds of Cancer (damn it), Part 3

The Plan



  • Choose a raw food diet  [Editor’s Note: See our comprehensive list of resources on raw feeding here.]
  • Add to the diet pumpkin and unsalted, water-packed sardines
  • Use Wysong Call of the Wild
  • Start The Budwig Diet


  • grains
  • allergens
  • sugars
  • carrots
  • fruit
  • potatoes
  • tapioca
  • starch
  • carbs


Wysong Call of the Wild


Probiotics powder

Advanced Immune Protocol Kit

Wild-caught salmon oil

About the Author

Sherie Pollack is a TV writer/director, who has directed over 100 Cartoons. She is also an animal lover, who has created Paulie’s Menu, a treatment plan that has resulted in the (repeated) disappearance of cats’ and dogs’ tumors.

The Series

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