Preventing Dog Cancer: Why the Food you Feed Could be the Answer


Haley’s holistic vet directly attributed her lengthy life with cancer to the raw food diet she enjoyed during the twilight years. And science is discovering that the food we eat can actually change our genes.

From the study “Cancer control and prevention: nutrition and epigenetics” by Dr. Mukesh Verma of the National Cancer Institute: “Natural foods and bioactive food components have characteristics and functions that are similar to epigenetic inhibitors and therefore have potential in cancer control and prevention.”

Change the food. Simple. No drugs required.

Switching to a biologically-appropriate diet is not complicated, but can be overwhelming. Because pet parents have been offered convenience over nutrition for the past 60 years when kibble became the mainstay, we have overlooked diet as a major force behind keeping our pets healthy.

One of my favorite resources, Dogs Naturally magazine, is hosting an online natural nutrition conference February 28 – March 2. The “Raw Roundup” will help you:

  • Switch your dog to a raw, balanced diet
  • Supplement your dog’s current raw diet to support existing health issues
  • Find cost-effective sources for raw food

Transcripts will be provided and all sessions are recorded and will be available after the event. “Super Early Bird” registration is $149 for the first 500 registrants and can be split into three equal monthly payments.

Register now and start helping your hound be their healthiest self yet.

What do you think?

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