Finding That Luminous Gold Chord Connecting You and Your Animal


If you are caring for an ill pet preparing for their transition or in the process of grieving, this 10-minute meditation by grief expert and educator Teresa Wagner may give you some much-needed support and connection.

From “A Meditation Process for Connecting with Our Animals During Illness and After Death:”

Hold one or both of your hands to your heart, and picture a beautiful, luminous gold chord connecting you and your animal, a chord connecting the two of you, a chord from your heart to theirs. Let yourself smile gently picturing this—this perfect and eternal connection between you and your animal that nothing can ever, ever break.

Feel and bask in the love between you. You know this love so well. The love between you that transcends everything — it is bigger than illness, bigger than death, bigger than grief, bigger than any pain. Let yourself just melt into the love that you share.

Feel the perfection of the love — beyond bodies, beyond time, beyond place or circumstance, just your two souls melded together in your love.

Let this fill you with gentle peacefulness and deep calm.

If you cry, just let the tears come. Know that the great love you share exists right along with tears.

Let grace begin to heal any sadness or fear, and allow the greatness of your shared love to begin to bring healing to any tears, even as they may flow. Allow the presence of Grace.

Feel yourself being carried above all worry, grief or concern.

Continue the meditation.

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