Olives: A Smart, Easy Remedy for the Beleaguered Caregiver

Caregiving for a cancer pet is tough – and especially so during hospice.

Meal prep, remedy research, worrying and anxiety.

I don’t remember getting much restful sleep during Haley’s last month of life — my ear was always listening for her at night. Did she need to go out? Did she need water? Was she comfortable? In her final days, I carried her to use the toilet.

And surely her cancer made her fatigued, too.

One of my go-to pet wellness experts is holistic vet, Will Falconer, who has 34 years of professional experience to share with us on his blog, Vital Animal. His weekly newsletter is a fountain of information and this week, he gives us a natural remedy to fight this fatigue, the Bach Olive flower essence — it’ll work for both you and your pet.

According to the Bach Centre, Olive is “…the remedy for tiredness and exhaustion after an effort of some kind, such as hard physical or mental labour, or the long struggle against illness. The remedy gives us what we need to restore our strength and the faith we need to continue an effort. We may feel energised; or we may at last be able to rest properly.”

Bach Olive: Exhaustion, Fatigue

Think of Bach Olive as a gentle means of rebuilding depleted energies.

[An interesting aside, it would seem the trees are often the source of these flower remedies that restore. Olive trees live how long? Hundreds of years, as I recall.]

How to Use Bach Flower Remedies

These remedies are most easily given diluted.

Take a clean one ounce dropper bottle, add a couple of drops of the remedies that you think most fit for you or your animal, add a bit of high proof alcohol (brandy, vodka, etc) and fill with purified water.

Shake this bottle before each use, and you’ve just effectively stretched your purchased remedies by several fold.

All the Bach Flowers can be used from your dilution bottle as follows:

  • They can be added to the water dish, the food, or put right in the mouth. A couple of drops in each water change, on each meal, or right on the gums can help your animal regain balance, even after years of inexplicable problems.
  • More than one animal drinking from that bowl? No matter, if a Bach Flower remedy doesn’t fit the others, it won’t harm them in any way.
  • Topically, they seem to work just as well. Put a couple drops on your palms, vigorously rub your hands together, and pet your animal or massage her ears. They’ll get in and do their work.

Read the rest or sign-up for his newsletter.

The Bach Olive Remedy is readily available variety of online sellers. Try your local natural foods shop, too.

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Image by Jenny Downing.


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