Good Genes: Unraveling the Mystery of Cancer


How can we better understand the canine cancer crisis to manage its risks, prevent it and treat it? Which dog will be likely to get cancer? Can we improve breeding practices to decrease risk?

The course, Canine Genetics, taught by board-certified genetic counselor and member of the President’s Council at the AKC Canine Health Foundation Martine Huslig, MS, BCGC, will help you get a grasp on this complex, fascinating topic so you can make better decisions as a pet caregiver, breeder or future pet parent.

“The cancer in goldens and so many breeds is such an issue and I hope through understanding some of these principles breeders can work to diminish these risks,” she wrote me in an email.

“This course covers genetic principles from the ground up and then attempts to teach students how to apply these principles to understanding the occurrence of disease and how to recognize inherited disease in a family/breed and and most importantly apply principles to reduce the occurrence of disease,” she continued. “The homework encourages you to expand your ideas and understanding and there is a Facebook group for students for discussion, exploring and expanding ideas.”

In the 10-session online course, you’ll learn:

  • Basic genetic principles
  • Canine health and genetic testing
  • Application of principles to answer genetic questions and critically analyze the occurrence of health issues in an attempt to minimize genetic health risks
  • The nature of genetic change/mutation and how it can result in disease
  • Causes of “in born” disease/genetic disease
  • Genetic inheritance patterns

Accessible on demand.

Online at e-Training for Dogs.

Enrollment is $229 – save 20% through August 31 (regularly $295). Approved for CEUs by IAABC, CCPDT and NADOI. Audit the course for $125.

More information and registration here.

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