“Joy Therapy:” Embracing Light and Love in Hospice

hospiceCaregivers need support and this workshop has it in spades.

Animal Hospice from the Perspective of the Veterinarian, the Animals and their People” gives much-needed guidance for those who have the privilege of caring for an animal friend as they prepare to transition.

Stories from Experts

Presented by pet loss support organization, Animals In Our Hearts and moderated by their founder Teresa Wagner, the on-demand workshop features firsthand stories and advice from Dr. Karen Randall, DVM of Solace Veterinary Hospice and professional animal communicators Kristin Thompson and Carol Schultz (also founder of Animal Spirit Healing & Education Network).

Teresa has a knack for asking the questions that were absolutely on my mind during Haley’s time.

“Am I doing enough?”

“Is it OK to cry in front of her?”

“How can I accept the inevitable?”

And Dr. Randall explains her concept of how to apply “joy therapy” during hospice — how to move beyond the extreme sadness and celebrate the moments we have left with our cherished friend.

What You’ll Learn

The 4-hour online workshop covers:

  • The definition of hospice — “caring vs. curing”
  • Emotional, spiritual and practical advice regarding preparation for and being present with our animals during our end of life period of time together
  • How to provide love and support for our beloved animal when our heart is breaking at the thought of losing them
  • How to cope with the emotional pain of anticipatory grief
  • The most important and best possible things we can do for our animals during their end of life period
  • How to manage your care team
  • Real stories from the speakers about compassionate dying experiences with their own animals

A Personal Stepping Stone

I wish I had taken this workshop before Haley passed. I would have been much better prepared for the final time we got to spend together.

But taking it a little over a year after she was given rest, it really was helpful and healing; it has given me the tools to work through my grief and still find moments of joy with her — even if it’s now in spirit.

Preparing to say goodbye to someone we profoundly love is not easy. We all need loving support and practical assistance during these times. The energetic, emotional and spiritual issues of hospice as well as the practical issues of physical care are covered in this class to provide you with such support. You’ll hear stories about real people and animals and the journeys they have experienced, as well as specific guidelines and practical tips to help you through the sacred and challenging time of hospice with your beloved animal.”
—Teresa Wagner

Accessible on demand.

Online at Animals In Our Hearts.

Enrollment is $48 (regularly $119) and includes a supplemental handout with resources. Purchase here.

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