Compassionate Tool Improves Quality of Life


This harness looks like a must-have tool for our pups that are having a hard time getting around.

I tried a few things when Haley was having trouble going out for potty — I ended up carrying her to the yard — not too comfortable for either of us.

Being Mobile Matters

Mobility features prominently of the Quality of Life Scale, so anything we can do to improve it is a very good thing.

Dr. Karen Randall, DVM of Solace Veterinary Hospice mentioned the Help’Em Up Harness during the “Animal Hospice from the Perspective of the Veterinarian, the Animals and their People” workshop presented by pet loss support organization, Animals In Our Hearts.

Stand-out Features

I like that the harness can stay on your pup (it has fleece-lined straps for comfort), they can stay in it while they do their business and it’s totally washable. Walking accessories are also available.

The company offers videos and downloadable PDFs on sizing, fitting and usage — and your pup can try it out for 10 days to see if it works for her.

It makes me happy to discover a product that will make tough times so much easier.

Where to Buy

From $75 in a variety of sizes (from small to extra large) and colors. Purchase here or at a variety of veterinarians, therapists and stores in the U.S., Australia, Canada and Europe.

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Image by Help’Em Up Harness

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