Post-op Pups: An Alternative to the E-Collar


If your dog is recovering from surgery, here’s a great option to the stiff, stressful and unwieldy e-collar.

I’ve used the Comfy Cone and the inflatable ProCollar with my dogs, but this is a whole new concept.

The Cover Me by Tui by Tulane’s Closet is a one-piece garment that is like a baby’s onesie. It is washable, breathable and adjustable. It’s available for pups of all sizes and comes in a pullover or step-in style, with either short or long sleeves. A potty cover is built-in.

Everyone understands that an injury or a surgery can be a very traumatic experience for both the pet and the owner; as veterinary medical professionals we strive to keep these experiences as positive and convenient as we can. The Cover Me by Tui allows us to do just that and offer a whole new level of Compassionate care!”
— Dr. Charlie Sink, DVM

Don’t Forget this Important First Step

Be sure to acclimate your buddy to the garment before surgery by slowly introducing her to it so that she’s not afraid when you put it on after her procedure. Use this method by positive reinforcement dog trainer, Victoria Stillwell.


  • Prevents licking and chewing at surgical sutures
  • Double-stitched and reinforced
  • Adjustable fit design for extra comfort and fit
  • Soft, breathable but durable Peruvian cotton material
  • Built-in “Potty Cover” for quick and convenient trips outside
  • As an extra bonus the Cover Me by Tui also brings along a calming effect to most any pup.

Where to Buy

From $10.98 in two styles (Step-Into and Pullover) with short or long sleeves, seven sizes and four colors. Purchase here or at a variety of stores in the U.S.

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Image by Tulane’s Closet

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