Holistic House Call: There’s A Cancer Vet in Your Computer

drrobsilverYou now have a holistic vet with over 30 years of experience at your service, wherever you are.

Dr. Rob Silver is an expert in the use of therapeutic natural protocols to treat cancer and now offers consultations through his Vet Consult service online at Holistic Cancer Vet.

The Doctor is In

Three services are offered through the site:

  1. Free educational consultation. Fill out a questionnaire and receive an email with a summary of diet and supplement recommendations within 48 hours.
  2. One-On-One Consultation. A direct consultation with Dr. Silver via phone, email or Skype. Fill out a questionnaire, send in medical records and test results, You’ll receive a detailed letter of findings and recommendations. $150
  3. Follow-up Consultation. After your One-On-One consult with Dr. Silver, he’ll reassess your pet’s situation after receiving updated records. $75

The Vet Consult service is perfect for a canine cancer caregiver who does not have a holistic vet in her area or is providing care through her own research and would like expert guidance.

A Nutraceutical “Apawthecary”

In addition to the Vet Consult service, Dr. Silver provides evidence-based information about natural wellness to support treatment of pets with cancer and an “apawthecary” shop with supplements for targeted support.

An Alternative Approach

Following the completion of his doctor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University, Dr. Silver practiced conventional small animal medicine in Colorado where he found frustration at the number of patients that conventional medicine could not help. It was at that time that he began his studies in herbal and nutritional medicine to use side-by side with his conventional therapies. Patients that would not respond to conventional medicine, began to improve, and get better.

He has taught Chinese Herbal Therapies for the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) and consulted for a variety of natural animal nutraceutical companies. Currently, Dr. Silver is chief medical officer of RxVitamins for Pets.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the personable Dr. Silver and he is professional, warm and most of all, I could tell he truly cares for pets and their people.

I am passionate about cancer because it has such a potentially devastating effect on a family, and I see myself as having learned many skills in treating cancer patients in my practice that I want to share that legacy with a wider audience through my website, and in so doing help more families that have been impacted by pet cancer to be better able to maintain their pet’s quality of life.”
— Dr. Robert Silver



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Image by Lucy Tuck

This post was originally published in December 2014 and has been updated. Please note that Holistic Cancer Vet is now closed and Dr. Silver no longer offers the consultation services described.

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