A Ready-made Dog Cancer Diet You Could Eat

A supportive, whole food dog cancer diet you could eat is here. Developed by JustFoodForDogs, “the world’s first dog food kitchen,” a small, growing, independently-owned company, the Neoplasia Support diet helps give optimum health to your dog with cancer. (N.B.: … Continue reading

Nutritional Guidance for the Canine Cancer Patient

A raw food diet is considered to be beneficial especially if an animal has a serious disease like cancer. Haley’s holistic vet directly attributed her lengthy life with cancer to this raw food recipe she enjoyed during the twilight years. … Continue reading

Gentle Alternative Therapies for Dog Cancer

Milk thistle, vitamin A, vitamin D3. Do these gentle methods outshine conventional cancer treatments like surgery, radiation and chemotherapy? Despite their simplicity, alternative therapies are frequently successful in treating cancer. Conventional medicine seeks a single cure for cancer, which is … Continue reading

What to Do After Your Dog is Diagnosed with Cancer

  Knowing what to do after your dog has been diagnosed with cancer can give you the confidence and peace of mind necessary to embark on a path of healing or hospice. In this 3-part series, we’ll explore a holistic … Continue reading

Using Nutrition to Bring Your Dog Vibrant Health

An upcoming 90-minute webinar Nutrigenomics for Dogs: Creating Health & Vitality through Food presented by Dr. Jean Dodds, renowned veterinarian, author, researcher, educator and holistic veterinarian of the year, will help us discover to promote vigor and health through the … Continue reading

Creating Longer, Happier Lives for Ailing Homeless Dogs

I was lucky to hold Haley in my arms through hospice, or the time during a her life when the focus shifted from “curing” to “caring.” Sadly, many senior dogs are often abandoned in shelters at this stage, left to … Continue reading

The Essence of Love

Happy birthday to the inspiration for this site, my Haley! You made the world smile — and you continue to give back with love. I miss everything about you, sweet girl! May we give of our hearts abundantly to others … Continue reading

Holistic House Call: There’s A Cancer Vet in Your Computer

You now have a holistic vet with over 30 years of experience at your service, wherever you are. Dr. Rob Silver is an expert in the use of therapeutic natural protocols to treat cancer and now offers consultations through his … Continue reading

A Shocking Reason Sick Senior Dogs are Abandoned – and How to Help This #GivingTuesday

The Grey Muzzle Foundation is working hard to create more happy tails for homeless hospice dogs this #GivingTuesday. I’m supporting their “Hospice Care for Homeless Senior Dogs” fund to help dogs that are too sick or fragile to be adopted … Continue reading

A Grateful Life: Meditation to Tap Into Thankfulness

  Caring for your cancer dog can make it hard to be grateful. Seeing your dog change physically and emotionally, dealing with anticipatory grief and managing the stress of her caregiving can create a place where your mind is focused … Continue reading