The Paw It Forward Project

Haley’s “signature move” was giving you her paw until you gave her your attention.

She was the ultimate selfless pup. She intuitively knew when someone needed a listen. From homeless folks to seniors to kids reading books, she was always there when she was needed. She would gently (and persistently!) give her paw until you held it or gave her your attention.

To celebrate Haley’s loving spirit, you’re invited to participate in something I’m calling “The Paw It Forward Project.” It simply means doing a kindness for a dog in need.

It could be donating a blanket to a local shelter, giving some love, a toy or a walk to a lonely dog in your neighborhood or even buying a caffè sospeso (or suspended coffee) at your favorite coffeehouse for a pup parent.

Follow along at The Paw It Forward Project.

When you’ve done a kindness, you can share your story for posting. If you have an idea for how to Paw It Forward, please share that, too!

Haley would be honored and proud of your acts of kindness. Please share and spread the word!

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