Senior Dog Care



  • The Help ’Em Up Dog Harness. A complete support and lifting harness that can stay on your dog.
  • Organic Orthopedic Pet Bed by Savvy Rest. A supportive sleep is what every pup needs – especially our senior pals. I chose the “formed” natural latex core, which was a good choice to make it easier for her to use. The organic bed is made without harmful VOCs and does not have any chemical odors. I was happy that she could enjoy the comfort of this bed – handmade in the USA just for her!
  • Power Paws by Woodrow Wear. Haley had some weakness in her legs after her splenectomy (surgery to remove her spleen) and I discovered the wonder of Power Paws socks. They have traction on the bottom that grips the floor that helped Haley get up and play. My favorite design is the hearts! The owner of the shop is extremely helpful and kind, too
  •  Music to Comfort Your Elderly Canine. The first “therapeutic sound program designed for mature dogs” can help with pain management, restlessness, pre- and post-surgery care. Haley transitioned listening their work and I do believe that it helped her – and us – along.

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